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A Brief Bio

This is a selection of works by Sarah Beth Martin who is currently working in Charlottesville, Virginia. She's fascinated by color, typography, composition, patterns and movement. Whether in the digital realm or on a three-dimensional scale, she combines different disciplines and mediums to build engaging experiences.

She's a little obsessed with her three fluffy felines and three not-so-fluffy tortoises. You may also find her oil painting, illustrating with ink and watercolors, hand-sewing felt projects, playing the video games, serving aces on the tennis court or picking up spares at the bowling lanes.

A face with the name.


Willoughby and her baby, Junior.

Fluffy Felines

Chibi Chibi

She's a little clumsy, makes goofy faces, could really go for some food right now, purrs loudly, is a bit weird, and is really into anime. Many traits seem to have been taken from her provider. Alternative names: Chi-Chi, Chibi-Chunk, Chibi-Cheddar-Biscuit, Cheddar-Chunk, Chibi-ros-a, Chibus.


He survived an amazing 17 years (RIP). At 10, he had a front leg removed due to cancer, but he carried on like nothing happened. He loved to talk back, eat grass, demand cheese, and be a grumpy old man. Alternative names: Storm (actually his real name), Tripod, Bud.


The queen of the household (or so she thinks). Likes to socialize and seems friendly, but will quickly turn on you. She's only loyal to her providers (supposedly). Extremely deaf. She loves to sleep, aggressively sharpen her claws, give death stares, and meow for no reason. Alternative names: Big Belle, or just Bibelle.

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