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MicroAire Visual Identity

Surgical Manufacturer Branding Guidelines Mockup


Update the brand's identity to better reflect the business and improve consistency visually between all of their products. However, the company must keep the same logo/wordmark.


MicroAire Surgical Instruments


  • Sarah Beth Martin: Design, Product Photography, Motion Graphics
  • Elias Jones: Creative Services Lead
  • VibeThink: Web Design & Development Partner

Pantone Process Blue

Color Scheme

MicroAire's brand needed to communicate a professional, credible and safe medical device manufacturer. Their previous color schemes (red/black and blue/green) were not only outdated, but also no longer aligned with the company goals, including combining their segmented products (othopaedics and aesthetics) together under one umbrella.

The new color scheme represents stability, trust and cleanliness. Blues are often seen in operating rooms and throughout healthcare in hospitals and practices. Before the refresh, blue was already in use on the device hand pieces themselves for several years. A secondary palette is provided to help emphasize specific items or areas and is especially useful in web design as visual cues to direct users.







roadside signage in front of medical device company building
medical device company logo on dark gray collared shirt
mockup of medical device company logo on scrubs

Website Redesign

Go and experience the site for yourself.

Visit Site

MicroAire's previous website focused on ecommerce sales ordering and tools for sales representatives. Unfortunately, this led to a complex navigation that wasn't tailored to surgeons and wasn't complimentary of the brand. In addition, the outdated experience was not yet optimized for mobile use.

Ultimately, the online experience was redesigned with the updated branding, simplified, and separated from the sales representative tools and ordering experience.

phone preview scrolling through medical device company webpage
landing page for medical device company

Product Photography

All product photography was shot and edited in-house for use in advertising, marketing and ecommerce websites, and printed literature.

orthopedic medical device with light in gloved hand
medical blades sitting up
orthopedic medical device sitting up
orthopedic powered medical device held in gloved hand


Packaging for some products were updated and simplified for easier identification in storage areas of medical facilities. Demo boxes were rebranded and used as marketing materials for sales representatives.

two rectangular boxes of blades
cover and inner view of designed rectangular demo box

Print Collateral

Corporate stationery and literature (including brochures, catalogs, newsletters, and clinical information packets) were redesigned with the new brand standards.

photo of designed medical device company stationery letterhead, business card, flash drive and envelopes
backside view of a medical device brochure
inner spread view of layout design for medical device brochure
front of multiple medical device brochures fanned out
medical device blade catalog cover
preview of inside page of medical device blade catalog
front and inside views of medical device product pamphlet
medical device brochure cover view
medical device brochure inside page layout design
medical device company folder and case study papers layered in folder's pouch
three medical device employee newsletter covers fanned out
preview page spread layout of medical device employee newsletter

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics were created and played primarily for tradeshow exhibits.