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Tuesday Design Society Website

Tuesday Design Society screenshot of landing page


Tuesday Design Society (TDS) is a non-profit organization that brings the design community together every Tuesday and hosts an annual design festival in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Create a simple website as a point of contact and to inform current or potential members about TDS and its events.

The site should be indicative of the diversity of TDS's members and its laid-back, easy-going, and interesting nature.


Tuesday Design Society


  • Sarah Beth Martin: Design, Development

Go and experience the site for yourself.

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Color Palette

Off-white softens the background against black text. A pastel gradient follows along the page and is used as a secondary color palette that indicates each section.



#fff7eb, #fac0e1, #caa5f1, #00c6e5, #0622d6


Influenced from landmark sans serifs of the 20th century, Synthese imbues basic solidity and strength, but is tempered by gentle curves and subtle detail.

type specimen for synthese font family
TDS website scrolling on mobile device full view of landing page for design society website